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We love the cube and I feel better having these locks on our medicine cabinet
so that our foster children cannot get into these cabinets. I love the fact that
if in a pinch I can ask anyone that may be giving care to my children to install your app
and I can give them temporary access to these cabinets even if I am not home.
That is a great relief as our biological son is Autistic and recently developed Type 1 diabetes.
All of his medical supplies must be kept locked up. These locks make it possible to hand off
a “key” to someone that may need it when I am not physically present.
Thank you for pushing through with your concept and bringing
a great product to the market.
I will most certainly look to order more when we need them.

Rob, Satisfied Customer

It’s probably the wrong way to speak about smart locks,
but when it comes to this particular conundrum, it sounds
like Justin Zastrow has cracked it!
Luke Dormehl, Digital Trends

Smart Cube is an ideal solution for parents, roommates,
or AirBnB hosts who want to keep certain cabinets, closets, or drawers secure.
Jeff Usher, Arrow Electronics

Smart Cube gives you the ability to secure almost anything tha
you can think of in your home or office,
and at a very affordable price.
TechStartups Team, techstartups.com

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