Protecting What Matters with the Smart Armor™ Cube

2018-01-08T00:23:15+00:00 October 23rd, 2017|Security|
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What's This?

The world’s most innovative personal locking system has arrived. The Smart Armor™ Cube is a mobile-empowered locking system for your personal products. The Smart Armor™ app turns your phone into a key for a smarter and safer home. With Smart Armor™, you can locate your valuables, share access to others and track your activation history all through your phone.

How It Works

The Smart Armor™ cube is the first smart locking solution for the home and office that keeps your important and potentially dangerous possessions safe and secure. The mechanism relies on two pieces: a dongle and the Smart Cube itself. When the dongle is placed into the Smart Cube, a locking guillotine slides into the grooves of the dongle, thereby locking it in place. The cube is then opened using a smartphone app, via Bluetooth.

The cube is powered by a camera battery that lasts one-to-two years. The lock is constructed using a fiber-infused ABS polycarbonate blend, which makes it simultaneously lightweight and durable. Despite measuring in at just 1.25in X 1.25in, the Smart Cube is capable of withstanding 100 pounds of force.

The cube works on both Android and iOS and can integrate into any home network via API, including Nest, Kwikset, Phillips Hue and more. The cube attaches to any cabinet, cupboard, closet or drawer and installs in seconds. There’s no need for latches or keys anymore. With the Smart Cube, the app is your key.

Peace of Mind with Smart Armor™

smart armor cubeSmart Armor™ provides something you can’t put a price on: peace of mind. The cube is perfect for a variety of valuables, including:

  • Gun Drawer
  • Knife Drawer
  • Alcohol Cabinet
  • Medicine Cabinet
  • Files
  • Tool Storage
  • Cleaning Supplies

Parents no longer have to worry about their children getting into places they don’t belong. College students can guarantee their roommates will stay out of their personal belongings. Your business files and documents will be protected from co-workers and cleaning crews. You can even privately store and hide gifts from friends and family during the holiday season.

Don’t go another day leaving your valuables unprotected. #ProtectWhatMatters with the Smart Cube from Smart Armor™.

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