September Update

2018-01-08T00:23:15+00:00 September 21st, 2017|Smart Armor Updates|
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Hi Smart Cube backers!

We’ve had a very busy and productive month since we last updated you. Our last update showed the revisions we sent over to our manufacturer after receiving our first articles for inspection.

Since then, we’ve received 2nd & 3rd article production parts and samples, which needed complete and repeated testing, not only with our units, but also during installation into the various locations within your property. The awesome news is the Smart Cube strength and durability is now tested to our standards! We did however find one issue with the design of the pin (the dongle piece that inserts and locks the cube into place), which needed to be modified due to an installation inadequacy. The new “pin design” now has added constraint in order to prevent failure, during the time when the Cube is trying to be ripped open from the drawer, as shown in the videos. We also made changes to a couple springs that around the battery and cam. With the previous springs, we were seeing some disconnections at high impact forces… the new springs provide more compliance when the Cube gets subjected to the type of pulling as shown in the two videos. We’ve also made major improvements to the install experience.

While these have meant slight delays, we have now corrected the issue and will be pressing go on the next phase of manufacturing!! We are dedicated to shipping out the best product possible… and trust us, it will be worth it!!

Below you will find image and video of the new and improved pin, as well as testing of the device’s strength.
We’ve also finalized retail packaging (images below)… and lastly, our 3rd party logistic partner is waiting on standby ready to ship product to all of you! We will have an updated progress report for you as to shipping in next two weeks.

As always, thank you for all the immense support we’ve received from you through private emails and messages… this software/hardware game can be challenging, and we remain loyal to producing the absolute best for our loyal customers!

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