Smart Cube

Smart Locking System

Smart Cube is the perfect solution for securing your home and office. Whether you’re in need of a convenient way to secure your things or a college student keeping your roommates out of your personal belongings – Smart Cube is the world’s most advanced bluetooth smart lock. Smart Cube attaches to any cabinet, closet, or drawer and installs in seconds – providing protection for a lifetime. No need for keys or latches to open, the Smart Armor app is now your key, always on and always connected.


Pre-sale until summer 2018

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Smart Cube gives you the ability to secure almost anything that you can think of in your home or office, and at a very affordable price.

TechStartups Team


Smart Cube is an ideal solution for parents, roommates, or AirBnB hosts who want to keep certain cabinets, closets, or drawers secure.

Jeff Usher
Arrow Electronics


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