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Welcome to less worry

Introducing the world’s most innovative mobile empowered locking system for personal products. Locate your valuables, share access to others, track your activation history. Collect data and provide analytics all while providing personal security on the go.

They're quick. You're smarter.

Know with confidence that your children are safe.
Smart Cube gives you peace of mind.

Roommate problems? We've
got you covered.

Tired of your things going missing? Secure what’s
important and know immediately if somebody’s messing
with your things, regardless of where you are.

Secure what's yours.

Failing to take proper security measures leaves your
coworking space at risk for a breach.

Secure what's yours.

Thinking about setting up a camera in your rental?
ABSOLUTELY NOT! Smart Cube is a great alternative for
monitoring through tamper alerts, in case a guest is
somewhere they shouldn’t be.

Technical Specifications
Size Cube dimensions: 3.0in x 5in x 1.8in
SmartCube Weight with battery 71g
Battery Lasts 1 year with single 3V lithium-ion CR2 battery
Operating Voltage 3V
Maximum Current Consumption 100mA
Phone System Requirements Bluetooth Version 4.2
Operating Systems Apple iOS 8 plus
Android 8.0 Oreo
Language Support English
Environmental Requirements Operating ambient temperature:
Relative humidity: 80%
Force Cube Can Withstand Before Breaking with 3M Tape 10lb-f
*Note that the cube can deal with a larger force when the base is screwed down.

Intuitive setup

Use your smart phone or tablet to lock, unlock, track and monitor your valuables at all times. Effortlessly gain access to your protected materials through your smart device. Want to give access to someone else? No problem. Share & revoke keys to others at the touch of a button. Go ahead, Captain.

Smart Armor App

Easy installation

The Smart Cube is powered by a pre-installed, easily replaceable camera battery that lasts up to two years. Mounted with double-sided tape, it can stand up to 100 pounds of force, and owners can mount it with the provided holes for additional security. Sync with the Smart Armor app – available for Apple iOS or Google Android – to open and close the lock using a unique fingerprint or passcode.

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Secure Your Smart Home

Smart Cube attaches to any cabinet, closet, or drawer and installs in seconds – providing protection for a lifetime.
No need for keys or latches to open, the Smart Armor app is now your key, always on and always connected.


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