The Best Travel Advice Ever

2018-01-08T00:23:19+00:00 June 1st, 2016|Travel|
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Travel. How can something so awesome be surrounded in experiences so stressful? We love the destination, but getting there, paying for it, and returning home often leave a lot to be desired. Over the years, we have learned a few useful lessons that can help make the trip go over more smoothly.

You should not be afraid to travel, nor should you be paranoid, but theft when far away from home is something to be concerned about. There are some steps you can take to either make yourself less of a target and mitigate losses if you do happen to become victimized on your trip.

One great measure you can take is to keep your means of making payments from being bundled together in one place. Don’t have all of your cash, credit cards, and travelers checks in one place. Typically, people carry everything in their wallet, but what happens if that wallet is lost or stolen? Keep some money and other payment methods available in a second container on your person at all times. A good idea would be to have your wallet stocked with cash, a couple credit cards, and primary identification, while also carrying some reserve cash and another credit card in your Smart Armor portable travel safe. That way if the wallet is no longer in your possession, you can still take care of expenses. Also, if you are ever mugged, your wallet is something you can quickly offer the mugger to attempt to defuse the situation without losing everything.

We would like to open the floor to any travel tips you all may have. If you have some advice to make travel safer, easier, or just more pleasant, please leave a comment below.

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