Amazon Echo’s Alexa is your Holiday Shopping Hero

2016-12-27T17:35:22+00:00 November 19th, 2016|Gadgets, Shopping|
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Our hat’s off to c|net for this cool update

Everyone looking to tackle their holiday shopping and save some money in the process can look to their trusty home automation device from Amazon for help. From now until December, Alexa on the Amazon Echo or Tap will give you access to exclusive holiday shopping deals. All you must do is ask Alexa a simple question, “Alexa, what are your deals?” Alexa then lets you know what new deal is available that day and if you would like to make an order through Amazon!

Here at Smart Armor, we love all our home automation devices and can appreciate when they learn new ways to help. Amazon is doing this while there is increased competition from the likes of Apple and Google in the home automation space. Hey, we think the more, the merrier!

Enough about Alexa, how are those deals? Well, Alexa will help you save $50 on an Amazon Tap, and you know you will need batteries on Christmas Day so you probably should order that huge 48-pack of AA batteries by saying “Alexa, order AA batteries”.

We look forward to when our shopping buddies just know that we are running low on batteries and Twinkies and will just make the order for us. We would probably have to have all our devices and even our pantry networked to make that possible. Maybe linking other household devices to home automation computers like the Echo will reach its full potential in 2017? Until then, we are happy to be able to take care of some holiday shopping from the warmth and safety of our homes on Black Friday.

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