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Introducing the world’s most innovative mobile empowered locking system for personal products. Locate your valuables, share access to others, track your activation history. Collect data and provide analytics all while providing personal security on the go. Smart Armor® is a patented relationship between software/firmware/hardware for a Bluetooth enabled, mobile app driven, switch system. The locking system is activated by entering an encrypted biometric data input, or an alphanumeric sequence input into a paired smart device.


Smart Armor creates micro-locking security platforms that help solve the fundamental need for personal security, by empowering consumers to lock, track, and find their valuables using their smart devices. Our goal is to improve personal security on-the-go.

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The Smart Armor Cube hardware and app technology is patented and exclusive to Smart Armor Tech. Smart Armor Cube is covered by U.S. Patent No. 10,062,231.

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